HSHS St. John’s Hospital

New Nurse Residency Program  

The Nurse Residency Program at HSHS St. John’s Hospital offers a dynamic and engaging experience that will positively impact the nurse’s ability to provide quality, compassionate care to patients, as the new nurse transitions from student nurse to professional nurse. The Nurse Residency Program is 8 weeks for Medical-Surgical units and 10 weeks for Specialty units. A Preceptor and Educator, will partner with the new nurse to develop their clinical skills and enhance individual strengths to uncover their passion, allowing them to make the biggest difference during their nurse career.

8 weeks Medical-Surgical or 10 weeks Specialty


Week 1: General & Nursing Orientation

Week 2: 40 hours per week

  • 16 hours Classroom/Simulation
  • 24 hours Clinical time on unit with Preceptor
  • Nurse Educator meets weekly with NLRN to check-in on orientation process and help answer questions and concerns as needed.
  • Two weeks a month the manager joins the meeting, and one week a month the director joins.

Weeks 3-4: 40 hours per week

  • Weekly 8 hour class days
  • Work with Preceptor on 12 hour days scheduled

Weeks 5-8/10: 36-40 hours per week

  • Intermittent 4 hour Unit Based Classes
  • 36 hours per week with Preceptor
  • Typically switch to night shift week 6-8
For more information on the HSHS St. John’s Hospital New Nurse Residency Program contact:

Alexis Williams
Director of Education and Professional Practice
217-544-6464 ext. 44570

Curriculum includes:

General Orientation
Nursing Orientation Class A, B, C (see agendas below)

Agenda 2016 - Day A
0800-0815 Welcome to St. John’s  Nursing Admin. Representative
0815-0835  Opening and Introduction Nurse Educator
0835-0915 Patient Resources Barbara Huttman, RN, BSN, BC
Nurse Educator
0915-0945 Pain Management  Nancy Young, RN, BSN, OCN
Nurse Educator
0945-1000  Break  
1000-1030 Spiritual Care Services Chaplain Karla Smith
Chaplain Marty Nagel, MA
Spiritual Care Department
1030-1115 Aging Awareness  Catherine Spannagel
Third Age Living Facilitator
1115-1215 Infection Control Information Angie Tefteller, RN
Heather Ren, RN
Infection Control Practitioners
1215-1300 Lunch  
1300-1630 Completion of Packet
A HealthStream Computer-Based
Learning (CBL) Modules


Agenda 2016 - Day B

0800-0805 Check-in  
0805-0835 Fall Risk/Fall Prevention
Trish Cunningham, RN, BSN, MS
0835-0900 Restraint Info Nurse Educator
0900-0945 Oxygen/Weaning/Pulse
Pam Phillips, RN, BSN
Lisa Kincaid, RN, BSN
Nursing Educator
0945-1000 Break  
1000-1045  Gift of Hope/Saving
Sight Presentation
1045-1125 WOC Info & Skin Protocols Kandy Andruch, RN
Toni Frank, RN
WOC Team
1125-1210 Scenario Stations
Swallow Screening/
Braden Scale/Respiratory
WOC Team & Educators 
1210-1300 Lunch  
1300-1320 Patient Relations/HCAPS Nursing Educators
1320-1350 SJS Important Information Nursing Educators
1350-1515 Point of Care Competencies Nursing Educators
1515-1630 Completion of Packet B
HealthStream Computer-Based
Learning (CBL) Modules

Agenda 2016 - Day C

0800-0900 Medication Safety  Barbara Huttman, RN, BSN
Nurse Educator
0900-0945 Med Test Educator Team
0945-1000 Break  
1000-1200 Stations
Blood Admin/Central Line/
IV Pumps/PCA Pumps
Educator Team
1200-1245  Lunch  
1245-1315  Pharmacy Services & Tour Brett Barker, Pharm D
Clinical Staff Pharmacist
1315-1400 Insulin Management
of Hospitalized Patients
Trish Cunningham, RN, MSN, CDE
Medical Surgical CNS 
1400-1630 Completion of Packet C
HealthStream Computer-Based
Learning (CBL) Modules


Nurse Residency Class Day 1, 2, 3 (see agendas below)

Nurse Residency Day 1
0800-1000 Primary Assessment Cheryl Pope
Hannah Gilman
1000-1015 Break  
1015-1100 Suicide Precautions Barb Huttman
Cheryl Pope
1100-1130 Pre and Post Procedure Care Nancy Young
Lisa Kincaid
1130-1215 Lunch  
1215-1315  Capnography  
1315-1335 VTE Risk Stratification  Kathy Hampsey
Pam Phillips
1335-1350  Break  
1350-1630  Skills Stations  
  Trach Care Trish Cunningham
Nancy Young
  Chest Tubes/Chest
Drain Management
Pam Phillips
Kathy Wurtzler
  Foley Irrigation/CBI Barb Huttman
Lisa Kincaid
  C-Spine precautions, 
collar care & log roll
Kathy Hampsey
Nancy Young
  Wound Measurement  Pam Phillips
Hannah Gilman
  Wound Vac WOC or Rep

Nurse Residency Day 2

0800-1000 Vaccine Protocols (all except ED) Pam Phillips
Barb Huttman
0900-0930 Central Line Maintenance Nancy Young
Kathy Wurtzler
0930-0945 Break  
0945-1045 Med Reconciliation Pam Phillips
Hannah Gilman
1045-1145 Sepsis & Shock Kathy Wurtzler
Cheryl Pope
1145-1230 Lunch  
1230-1500 Skills Stations  
  IV Starts  Barb Huttman
Hannah Gilman
  Stericycle: Proper Disposal of
Medication Waste
Trish Cunningham
Nancy Young
  IV/IVPB Station Lisa Kincaid
Hannah Gilman
  Bladder Scan Susan Waterman
Cheryl Pope
  Central Line Dressing Changes Nancy Young
Kathy Wurtzler
1500-1530 Transfusion Safety Nancy Young
Lisa Kincaid

Controlled Substances,
Narcotic Safety &
Pain Assessment/

Nancy Young
Trish Cunningham


Nurse Residency Day 3
0800-0845 Neuro Assessment Kathy Hampsey
Lisa Kincaid
0845-0905 Seizures Kathy Hampsey
Lisa Kincaid
0905-1005  Stroke Kathy Hampsey
Lisa Kincaid
1005-1020 Break  
1020-1150 Heparin Drips Barb Huttman
Pam Phillips
1150-1230 Lunch  
1230-1630 Safe Lifting Class or
Unit Specific Content


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