HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital

New Nurse Residency Program

The new Nurse Residency Program at HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital offers a dynamic and engaging experience that will positively impact the nurse’s ability to provide quality, compassionate care to patients, as the new nurse transitions from student nurse to professional nurse. The nurse residency program is a 12-month program for all new registered nurse graduates.

The resident will be on orientation for 8-10 weeks with an experienced preceptor. The preceptor and educator, will partner with the new nurse to develop their clinical skills and enhance individual strengths to uncover their passion allowing them to make the biggest difference during their nurse career. The goal is to guide the residents’ transition to professional practice by assigning an experienced RN preceptor during the orientation period as well as a trained mentor following orientation and through the first 24 months.  We have vested in our residency program by offering our preceptors and mentors courses that enhance their skills to allow them to better serve in their roles.
Orientation will consist of eight weeks for our medical-surgical nurse Residents and 10 Weeks for our Specialty nurse Residents. The OR nurse residency orientation is usually around six months. 

Managers and educators meet with the resident weekly during orientation.

8 weeks Medical-Surgical or 10 weeks Specialty

Week 1: General & Nursing Orientation

Weeks 2 - 8 or 10

  • 4-8 hours Didactic/Simulation Weekly. Specialty areas may have additional classroom time
  • 32-36 hours Clinical time on unit with Preceptor
  • Nurse educator/manager monthly meetings with nurse resident to check in on orientation process and help taper learning needs/assignments as needed.

Post Orientation (Following the 8-10 weeks with a preceptor through the first 12 months)

  • Nurse educator presents monthly four-hour education sessions with the nurse resident

For more information on the HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital New Nurse Residency contact:

Paula Rudolph
Manager of Education and Professional Development

Program Curriculum includes but is not limited to the following:

  • General Orientation/Nursing Orientation
  • Introduction to the Residency Program
  • Information Day
  • Crisis Interventions & Simulations
  • Infusion Day
  • Evidenced Based Care and Management of the Neurologic Patient
  • Evidenced Based Respiratory & Airway Management
  • Advanced Respiratory Management with Evidence Based Care of the Critically Ill Patient
  • Evidenced Based Care of the Patient with Acute Dysrhythmias
  • ED/ICU Critical Care Specialty Classes
  • Perioperative Specialty Classes
  • OB Specialty Classes
  • Level II Neonatal Specialty Classes
  • Patient Experience
  • MBTI & How your personality shapes the care you provide
  • Continuous Survey Readiness
  • Therapeutic Approaches with Patients in Behavioral Emergencies
  • Core Measures & Care of the Patients
  • Preop/Surgery Preparedness & Post-Surgical Care
  • Horizontal Violence, Delegation, & Crucial Conversations
  • Transitioning from the Newly Graduated RN to the professional nurse
  • Critical Thinking Session
  • Advancing Education, Intro to Evidence Based Practice, Certifications, & Portfolio Development
  • Self-Care & Building your own Emotional Toolkit
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