SHELBYVILLE, IL – Shortly after going to bed on October 4, Teri Whalen felt pain grip her
chest. She described the pain as if someone reached into her chest and squeezed her heart. She climbed out of bed and attempted to alleviate the pain by doing some yoga stretches but the pain did not ease. Instead, it radiated up through her jaw and down her left arm with immense pressure. That’s when she realized she was having a heart attack. She had to work hard to walk downstairs to tell her husband she needed to go to the emergency department.
Teri has soothed the aches and helped to mend hundreds of patients as an occupational therapy assistant for HSHS Good Shepherd’s rehabilitation services department. But this was the first time she had been on the other side as a patient. She couldn’t help but notice how much it helped ease her fear as each nurse,
technologist and doctor introduced themselves and explained to her what they were going to do to help her.
Upon her arrival at HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital’s emergency department, it was quickly confirmed that Teri was having a heart attack. Teri was fearful that she was going to die but she remembers how comforting radiology technologist Timmerle Schole calmed her with a soothing touch and words. She said Timmerle’s compassion came through to her in every way.
“You have had a heart attack but you are in good hands, and you are going to be alright,” Timmerle told her.
Teri recalls how quickly and efficiently she was treated by the emergency responding team. An IV was
started, medications administered, and it was determined that she would be transported to HSHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield for further treatment. The helicopter was paged, but the weather was unfit for it to fly, so she was transported by ambulance. She recalls arriving in Springfield and being greeted by four nurses.
“They were beautiful and glowing. I could see compassion written all over their faces. One nurse smiled and said, ‘I’m Mary, and you’re going to remember my name because I am going to ease your pain.’ The second nurse introduced herself and said, ‘You are going to remember my name because I am going give you warm blankets.’ Each nurse introduced herself and made me feel cared for and eased my anxiety,” Teri said.
Prairie Cardiovascular cardiologist Nilesh Goswami, MD, also made Teri feel more confident and reduced her fear.
“When it comes to heart health, every second counts, and it’s important to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack,” Dr. Goswami said. “Crushing or squeezing chest pain is a classic sign of a cardiac event. But the pain may also radiate to either or both of your arms, neck, jaw or back. Shortness of breath is a common sign of a heart attack or congestive heart failure.”
Teri was treated for seven blocked arteries, and she found that an aortic spasm caused her heart attack. She is doing what she does best again thanks to the care she received at HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital and HSHS St. John’s Hospital. She is grateful for everything that each person who touched her care that night did.
“It is cases like Teri’s that make our local care so important as well as our partnership with St. John’s,”
said Kristina Berg, FNP, HSHS Good Shepherd Family Health affiliated with HSHS Medical Group.
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