Curt Johnson has been named the August 2019 Colleague of the Month at HSHS Medical Group. Curt is the office facilitator at HSHS Medical Group Occupational Health & Wellness in Decatur, Illinois, and has been with HSHS Medical Group since 2012.

Curt was nominated by a group of his colleagues who emphasized, “Curt will help anyone at any time without complaint. Our team always knows that they can go to him to get answers without ever feeling like they should have already known the answer.” His colleagues also said, “Curt serves as a mentor and guide for newer and seasoned colleagues alike and is a positive advocate for change, always with a smile on his face.”

“I always try to treat everyone I meet with respect and dignity,” Curt said. “I draw on times in my life when I was not treated that way and reflect on how that made me feel.” His passion in his role is guiding corporate clients through the process of needs analysis and getting them on the right path for occupational health services.

Curt’s other passions include flea markets, antiques, wild birds, vintage board games, vintage Catholic objects and redecorating his house in the 1970s style.

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