When you need to see a neurosurgeon, HSHS Medical Group Multispecialty Care - St. Elizabeth's offers patient-first neurosurgical care. Here are some questions and answers to help you understand the role of a neurosurgeon.


What are the most common conditions that would require neurosurgery?

Common conditions for neurosurgery include cervical and lumbar radiculopathy, cervical/thoracic myelopathy, spinal instability, disc herniations, brain tumors, brain bleeds, hydrocephalus, epidural abscesses, carpal/cubital tunnel and compression fractures.


Do you recommend any preventive screenings/tests for those conditions that might require neurosurgery?

There are no preventive screenings or tests, but we do encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.


When do you recommend someone see a neurosurgeon?

Patients should see a neurosurgeon when they have exhausted conservative measures from their primary care provider, including medications (NSAIDs, steroids, muscle relaxers), physical therapy and/or pain management. 


What technologies do you use to help provide the best care for your patients?

  • MRI/CT image/computer navigation
  • Radiology imaging
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Pain management
  • Advanced medications to help aid in identifying certain tumors intraoperatively
  • Shunt programmers (acoustic and magnetic)

To see an HSHS Medical Group neurosurgeon, call 618-641-5803 or schedule an appointment online

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