For breaks, fractures or arthritis, HSHS Medical Group Multispecialty Care - St. Elizabeth's orthopaedic surgery team is here to help. Learn more about what an orthopaedic surgeon does below.


What are the most common conditions seen/treated in orthopaedic surgery?

The most common conditions that we see are knee, hip or ankle arthritis. We also see a wide variety of fractures. Some other common issues are meniscal tears in the knees, tendon/ligament/muscle problems like ACL tears or distal bicep tears.


Do you recommend any preventive screenings/tests for those orthopaedic issues?

We don't have screening tests, but if your joint is bothering you, it may be a good idea to get an X-ray or schedule an exam to get it checked out.


Do you offer non-surgical options?

There are a number of non-surgical options for those suffering from orthopaedic problems, including custom orthotics, skilled physical therapy, anti-inflammatory management and a variety of injections we can perform in the clinic. Even bone fractures may not require surgery but special care like casting and monitoring of the healing bone.


What technologies do you use to help provide the best care for your patients?

The main technology orthopaedic surgery uses is ultrasound for intraarticular joint injections. The ultrasound lets a provider look at the joint and make sure that all of the medicine gets directly where it needs to go to minimize adverse reactions and maximize the effectiveness of the injection. We also have an X-ray department in the clinic to monitor fractures or arthritis.


Are certain people more prone to having orthopaedic issues?

The people who most commonly have joint problems are older individuals (but not always). Joints tend to get more wear and tear as we get older. 

To see an HSHS Medical Group orthopaedic surgeon, call 618-641-5803 or schedule an appointment online.

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