HSHS Medical Group is pleased to award Morgan Massey, APRN, with our January Provider of the Month Award. Morgan serves as an advanced practice registered nurse at HSHS Medical Group Family Medicine and Pediatrics Forsyth in Forsyth, Illinois.
The Provider of the Month is chosen from nominations submitted by fellow HSHS Medical Group team members. “She has been doing extraordinary work with our colleagues to improve the patient experience by lending her valuable time to help out with Epic tips, shortcuts and general ways to make our practices run efficiently,” Morgan’s nominator said. Epic is HSHS Medical Group’s electronic health record system.
“I love the team I work with,” Morgan said. “They are my family away from home. We have fun while taking great care of our patients. I can’t do my job without my team.” 
Morgan’s source of inspiration is a Canadian director of nursing she worked for while serving our country as part of the armed forces in Afghanistan. He taught her that a little thank you, pat on the back or any form of appreciation goes a long way. Morgan said, “Your team works harder and enjoys their job when they feel appreciated, no matter what the circumstances are.”
When not serving our patients, Morgan can be found outdoors with her husband and two daughters fishing, swimming, hiking, biking or playing softball.

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