HSHS Medical Group is pleased to award Kathy Liefer, APRN, with our June Provider of the Month Award. Kathy is an advanced practice registered nurse working with gastroenterology patients at HSHS Medical Group Multispecialty Care – St. Elizabeth’s in O’Fallon, Illinois.

Kathy Liefer, APRN, feels privileged to have an occupation in which she can connect with patients through active listening and observation, which allows her to respond with education and compassion. Kathy learns as much as possible about her patients prior to their visits so that she can provide the best possible care for them at their appointments. She is continuously looking for innovative solutions to solve her patients’ concerns. Kathy’s smile is so warm and friendly that it makes others around her happy. Kathy said she connects to our Core Values by “choosing to find joy within ourselves to share in a respectful way with those who surround us. Caring and contentment are feelings we desire our patients to leave with and which is a group effort with every patient point of contact.” Kathy finds her inspiration in Christ, the only one who will never let us down and carries us through our trials.

When not providing care, Kathy can be found tending her garden, camping, traveling, fishing, riding her ATV and spending time with her valued loved ones. Thank you, Kathy, for providing Patient-First Care!

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