HSHS Medical Group Urology patients have a new choice when it comes to treating an enlarged prostate, which is also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). With June 10-16 being Men’s Health Week, it’s the perfect time to talk about the UroLift® System, an FDA-cleared, minimally invasive procedure performed by HSHS Medical Group Urologist Randall Dooley, MD, to treat BPH.
As men reach middle age, they are more likely to be diagnosed with BPH. In fact, about 50% of men 51 to 60 years old have the condition. When the prostate grows too large, it can prevent urine from leaving the bladder. Some symptoms of BPH include frequent urination, trouble starting urination, a weak stream, problems emptying the bladder and stopping and starting during urination. The UroLift system is a quick and effective treatment that can alleviate these symptoms.
“In the operating room, it takes me on the order of eight to 10 minutes to perform the procedure,” Dr. Dooley said. The UroLift treatment starts with looking at the bladder with a special scope, then lifting prostate tissue out of the way. The UroLift system uses small permanent implants to hold the prostate tissue in place.
After the UroLift procedure, most patients experience relief from BPH symptoms within two weeks. “People have been doing very well,” Dr. Dooley said of the patients he’s treated. “They say eight out of 10 go home without a catheter, for me it’s been more like nine out of 10.”
Unlike medications and invasive surgeries, the UroLift procedure has no sexual side effects. However,
because it is still a surgical treatment, it does have side effects, which may include light bleeding and burning during urination, pelvic discomfort and stronger urge to urinate. These side effects usually go away in two to four weeks.
Dr. Dooley currently performs the UroLift procedure at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in O’Fallon, Illinois, and HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital in Highland, Illinois. For information on a referral to Dr. Dooley, please call 618-641-5803.

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