HSHS Medical Group has announced a unique partnership with Sav-Mor Pharmacy that brings convenient and expanded health care services to rural communities in central Illinois. At the heart of this new program is the medical group’s proven Anytime Care telemedicine solution.

Anytime Care is health care “on demand,” and it is the newest option for receiving medical care face-to-face with providers via a secure Internet connection. When patients connect through anytimecare.com, they’ll speak with a board-certified medical provider who will care for them as if they were in for an office visit. Now through Anytime Care kiosks, this service is conveniently located in the private and comfortable patient rooms at selected Sav-Mor Pharmacy locations.
“Anytime Care allows patients to connect virtually to care in their community at Sav-Mor Pharmacy, with locations and a health care partner they already know and trust,” said Jeaneene Gesell, Anytime Care service line manager at HSHS Medical Group. “Your town may not have a provider close by, and we are addressing that need.”
According to Dave Falk, president of Sav-Mor Pharmacy, “Our partnership with HSHS Medical Group is a complement to our established Sav-Mor tele-pharmacy services. It is a positive next step and an important initiative to help us continue to improve the health of the communities we serve.”
With Anytime Care, medical providers can diagnose and treat non-emergent health concerns, as well as prescribe medications as needed. Providers assess each patient’s condition and their unique circumstances individually.
Anytime Care provides access to care for a variety of minor illnesses year round. “It is very seasonal,” said Gesell. “The most common conditions we saw this past spring included sinusitis, allergies, rashes and poison ivy. As we continue into summer we are seeing an increase in insect bites, stings and heat-related illness.”
Through Anytime Care, these conditions are easily diagnosed by positioning the affected area in view of the screen’s camera where the provider will see the condition and diagnose it. When a medication is prescribed, a patient can simply walk to the Sav-Mor pharmacy counter and have their prescription filled in the same visit.
Patients appreciate the convenience and significant time savings when compared to a lengthy trip to see their primary care provider. “From the time a patient signs on and gives a brief summary of the reason for their visit until the time the provider calls the patient is an average of just 7 minutes,” said Gesell. “Once the patient is in contact with the provider the average visit duration is just 18 minutes from start to finish!”
An appointment is not necessary for Anytime Care, and a visit is only $49. As soon as a patient requests a visit, a time is arranged with the next available provider. Most patients find that the fee for Anytime Care is actually less than their co-pay or deductible.
Anytime Care kiosks are available at Sav-Mor Pharmacy locations in Nokomis and Louisville, Illinois. Please check the pharmacy hours of your Sav-Mor Pharmacy at these locations for the Anytime Care hours.
“Patient-First Care knows no boundaries, and Anytime Care is a shining example of this,” said Melinda Clark, CEO of HSHS Medical Group. “We are truly committed to providing access to care for rural communities in our region and serving those who need us with convenient access to quality health care regardless of location.”

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