Why did you choose a career in neurology?

I chose a career in neurology because I am fascinated by the nervous system. I find it amazing how this organ system allows us all to think, speak, move and feel. Due to its important function, I am very passionate about diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the nervous system. When someone has a neurological condition, it has such a strong impact on who they are as an individual and how they interact with their world. I entered this field to help people with neurological conditions obtain a sense of normalcy through treatment or by developing a better understanding or coping strategies for their conditions. 


What do you enjoy most about being a doctor?

There are so many things that I enjoy about being a doctor. The thing I enjoy most is making people feel heard and understood in order to come up with the best solutions for their concerns.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I really enjoy creating different arts and crafts, and I am an avid watercolor painter and knitter.


What is something that you want patients to know about you?

I am a very friendly and down-to-earth person who really wants those around me to be happy and content, especially my patients. 

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