“Thanks to Dr. Taylor, my grown son who hasn’t walked in years has now received a prosthesis and rehab and is starting to walk again. I just want him to know and tell him how much I appreciate him.” Comments like these are what make Dr. Taylor stand out as an HSHS Medical Group physician. Patients can rely on Dr. Taylor to listen intently to their concerns, be open minded and nonjudgmental and have their best interests at heart. His straightforwardness with patients is tempered with compassion, which is vital to gaining patient trust and obtaining a full understanding of their health issues and treatment. Dr. Taylor sees health care as a team approach — he and the patient working together to achieve wellness. He says the best part is “when a patient trusts our team enough to refer family and friends to us for care.”
Dr. Taylor also leads with a team philosophy when it comes to the colleagues in the clinic. He has brought new energy to the clinic, shared his knowledge and skills and goes the extra mile to support and reward the team that works with him. “A boss knows how it’s done; a leader shows how it’s done,” he says. “We work together to achieve our goals, explaining why something is being done instead of just telling people what we are doing.”  
When not at work, you may find Dr. Taylor video gaming with his wife or seeing the latest sci-fi/fantasy movie! Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for bringing your A-game to work every day at HSHS Medical Group!

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