Weight Loss Program

Does this sound familiar? You’ve tried a fad diet. You’ve taken a miracle pill (or two). You’ve purchased a gimmicky “wonder product.” They’ve left you feeling frustrated, and maybe even isolated. All you want is something that WORKS yet nothing you’ve come across seems to do the trick. 

We get it -- we've been there ourselves.
And it’s what pushed us here at Benefi to find a SOLUTION.

Our Weight Loss Solution Is: 

Medically Developed
This sensible weight loss protocol is the recommended weight loss method in over 3,000 professional establishments worldwide.

One on One
You won’t be in this alone; a personal weight loss coach will support you through the program and beyond.

Right from the start, post-diet maintenance begins with healthier lifestyle education to assist you in maintaining your results after dieting.

Smarter eating plus balanced lifestyle education to promote weight stabilization is the key to the program’s success.

Deliciously Designed
The program is designed around a variety of gourmet flavors and food types sure to appeal to you.

Professionally Supported
You’ll receive weekly weight and body measurements analysis; and much more!