Inspired by our Franciscan values, HSHS Medical Group is devoted to evaluating the patient as the focus of our existence. We will prioritize our decision-making to place the needs of our patients first. Our “patient-first” culture integrates the latest technology and innovation with highly personalized, competent care designed to clearly differentiate us from other health care providers.

We understand patients want providers who really listen and genuinely understand their needs. They want to be treated by the best trained, most skillful providers and staff—experts who will work with them, embrace, and design and tailor personalized care just for them and their situation.

We believe that every encounter with a patient is an opportunity to create an outstanding patient experience. We will work in tandem with patients to determine their best options for care, while respecting their individual needs and motivations. We will strive to build trust with our patients so they will understand that we always have their health and best interest at heart.

Experience True Care

We will continuously strive to develop a deep appreciation for the needs of our patients and will make every effort to exceed their expectations.

Our Promise of Patient-First Care calls us to place the needs of our patients ahead of our own. We do this by providing authentic service and medical care that creates a strong and lasting bond with our patients and their families. Our goal is to bring to life our tagline—Experience True Care.

At HSHS Medical Group, we recognize the value in having a common culture. Our culture is ONE TEAM. ONE PROMISE. This culture represents a goal of working seamlessly together, not as multiple, individual medical practices, but rather as a highly integrated, single medical group. It reminds us of our single-minded promise to place the patient first above our own needs and even the needs of the collective team.

Melinda Clark 
Chief Executive Officer