2023 Class Schedule

All classes will be held online.

For more information and to register contact Bridget Rolens: bridget.rolens@hshs.org or 314-369-1391.


Winter/Spring 2023

Removing Barriers to Happiness

Time/Dates: Tuesdays, 6:00 – 7:00 PM; February 28 – April 18

Description:  In his book The Happiness Trap Russ Harris, MD defines happiness as “living a rich, full, and meaningful life.”  He notes that a growing body of scientific research suggests that many of us have unhelpful and inaccurate beliefs about happiness.  These beliefs actually create barriers to gaining the happiness we seek.  This class will introduce you to the six core principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that are designed to remove barriers to happiness.
All who register will receive a video recording of each class along with other class material.  

Please note: Participants have the option of join the live, online sessions on Tuesday evenings or view the video at a time that works for them.

To register please email bridget.rolens@hshs.org