As of 1/1/19, the government requires that hospitals post a list of standard charges on their website for each service provided. The charges posted by HSHS affiliate hospitals represent GROSS CHARGES that can be billed on a patient account for each test, exam, surgical procedure, room charge, etc. 

This listing contains thousands of services and supplies. These standard charges do not include physician professional services.  If you are planning to schedule a specific service, you can obtain a price estimate by calling our business office.  

Patient Financial Services - Wisconsin Division
ATTN: Financial Assistance Program 
P.O. Box 13508 
Green Bay, WI 54307-3508 
Local: 920-433-8122 
Toll Free: 800-211-2209

Or you may follow this link to receive a price estimate online. 

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HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital

Charge Description Master (CDM) - last updated 2/12/2021

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COVID-19 Price Information

Medicare and some insurance companies use diagnosis related groups - or DRGs - to assess hospital-related costs based on condition.  Use the link below to access a list of average GROSS charges per inpatient DRG for HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital.  The GROSS charges does not reflect what Medicare or the insurance company will pay.

HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital - Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) 

To learn more about charges and additional price transparency resources, click the link below. 

ACA Pricing Transparency Frequently Asked Questions
Chargemaster Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding charges


HSHS provides a list of GROSS CHARGES to help patients make informed choices. Please be aware that actual GROSS charges and what you pay may vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • Your personal insurance coverage

  • The physician or provider rendering services

  • The care provided and its complexity

  • The location of your hospital rendered services

  • How long your hospital stay was

In order to view the HSHS standard gross charges for the hospital in which you received care, please read the statement below. Please understand that your are reviewing GROSS CHARGES and this does not reflect what you may actually pay out of pocket.