Value Analysis Committee


To appropriately manage the flow of new products and materials into facilities, HSHS has developed value analysis teams which we call SPARC, (Standardized Analysis Review Committee). The SPARC teams are comprised of facility executive management, key clinical department directors, and supply chain personnel who:

  • Appropriately implement supply chain initiatives.

  • Accelerate product standardization.

  • Understand and manage the introduction of new technology and products.

  • Review and manage practice changes which involve the addition of, or change in, supplies or equipment.

  • Monitor and manage both physician preference contracts and hospital service and supply contracts. Through these various activities, the Fiscal Stewardship Committee helps ensure, first and foremost, that patient care is delivered with the highest quality, and secondly, that HSHS remains fiscally and environmentally astute.

To assist with this process HSHS utilizes a tool call ValuVu, an on-line value analysis process flow software. ValuVu allows for standardized processes value analysis to be developed and deployed across all of our hospitals. 

Current RFQs and RFPs


In order to maintain the confidentiality and respect our business partners, HSHS specifically does not share information concerning supplier quotes, requests for proposals, or bids with any entity outside of the organization.