Project VISION


In June 2013, Hospital Sisters Health System launched a system-wide software consolidation initiative called Project VISION. Project VISION is a transformation of business operations in supply chain management and finance that includes new and improved systems and processes to create alignment and cost savings for the end patient. Through this initiative, Hospital Sisters Health System has completed a transformation to centralize system procurement purchasing and accounts payable processes.

Mission Outreach


HSHS Mission Outreach is a medical surplus recovery organization developed by the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis to address the unmet medical needs of developing countries by collecting, repairing, packaging, and distributing medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics around the world. The medical supplies are recovered from over 60 hospitals, 18 clinics, and other major medical manufacturers throughout Illinois and Wisconsin to promote a green-friendly environment while also servicing others. Since 2002, HSHS Mission Outreach has saved and redistributed over 9 million pounds and $49 million worth of life-saving medical supplies that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. This initiative has made a profound difference in the countless lives of others.

Environmental Stewardship


At HSHS our focus is, and has always been, on the conservation and preservation of the earth’s resources. St. Francis, the patron saint of ecology, taught us to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle these precious resources so that generations for years to come may continue to enjoy them. By developing “Reverence for the Earth” green teams in each of our local ministries and across the system, HSHS has positioned itself as a national leader for environmental initiatives in healthcare.

A few of the initiatives we have in place across the system are:

  • Utilizing reusable sharps containers to reduce plastics entering the waste stream
  • Retro-commissioning our buildings to reduce energy consumption
  • Recycling single-use medical devices to reduce waste stream pounds
  • Utilizing centralized copier/printer processing to reduce paper and energy use
  • Purchasing local food to reduce the carbon footprint and support our local economies
  • Recycling ink cartridges to reduce plastics in landfills
  • Composting food waste to reduce water and waste stream pounds 

Additionally, HSHS holds many recycling events at each of our ministries. These recycling events are held both internally and for the local communities to increase environmental awareness.

At HSHS we truly understand that Reverence for the Earth begins with the process in which things are used, and lasts for the life of such products.