Putting the Athlete First


The HSHS team offers athletes access to an unparalleled continuum of care and are experienced in the evaluation and treatment of acute injury and illness, working directly with coaching staffs to ensure the highest degree of safety in both the prevention and treatment of all types of sports injuries.


  • Regular communication with parents, athletes, and administrators at assigned schools.

  • Preparation of athletes for practice and competition, including taping, bandaging and bracing.

  • Preseason baseline ImPACT and post-concussion testing.

  • IHSA body fat testing for wrestling.

  • Assistance and implementation of treatment, rehabilitation and conditioning protocols.

  • Interaction with physicians and other medical personnel regarding athlete status.

Return to Play


A 5-step progression designed to provide a smooth transition from injury to activity by medical professionals who understand the risks associated with a concussive injury.  Whether it be from sports, a motor-vehicle accident, or fall, we can help you get back to the game of life.  


Program Highlights

  • Sports Medicine and Credentialed ImPACT Consultant oversight

  • Physical Therapist evaluation and follow-up

  • Certified Athletic Trainer manages daily exercise program

  • Individualized to each patient based on sports, life activities, and interests

  • Ensures a safe return to activity