Viola's Story

Viola’s parents owned and operated a hotel in Greenville. Viola was born in 1894 and later married Harold Thompson. The two lived out their lives on their farm. Viola loved tending to her farm animals and cats. She was the schoolteacher in a one-room country schoolhouse and once retired, became a charter member for the Bond County Retired Teachers Association in 1959.

Viola was a dedicated Christian woman, did not have children, and lived very frugally. They bought what they needed but didn’t embellish. And that is why many were surprised when she bequeathed $350,000 to be put into a trust fund for training nurses and other health care personnel.


The Selection Committee is comprised of hospital auxiliary members and staff. The Committee continues to award semester scholarships to health care students enrolled in curriculums offering a health care degree or certification with a desire to work at Holy Family Hospital.

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