(GREENVILLE, IL) – Part of HSHS Holy Family Hospital’s Mission is to expand health care services offered in Greenville so that area residents do not have to travel far for the care they need.  In keeping with that Mission, HSHS Holy Family announces the expansion of the hospital’s partnership with Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois, from Springfield.  This expansion will allow people with cardiovascular issues to continue seeing a local cardiologist while having the support of advanced cardiac care through Prairie Heart Institute.
The expansion of cardiology services is possible with the addition of a new cardiologist to the Greenville area, Dr. Scott Marrus of Prairie Cardiovascular.  Dr. Marrus began serving the community on September 5 and is offering specialty services to patients on a weekly basis in Greenville at Holy Family Hospital.  Dr. Marrus specializes in General Cardiology, Adult Congenital Heart Disease and Echocardiography. 
Joining Dr. Marrus in providing specialty heart and vascular services to the local area are Prairie cardiologists Dr. Robert Trask, Dr. Shailesh Nandish and Dr. Himanshu Pathak. With the addition of these cardiologists, Prairie Cardiology will be expanding the number of clinic days they offer in Greenville to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Brian Nall, HSHS Holy Family Hospital President and CEO, shared why Holy Family is expanding their cardiology services. “Holy Family Hospital’s goal is to transition from treating episodic care to having “one call” direct access to advanced heart care services with Prairie Heart Institute 24/7.  If further advanced heart care is needed, our partnership with Prairie allows for a smooth transition to the cardiovascular experts in either Belleville or soon to be O’Fallon at the new St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, or in Springfield,” he said.  “We are proud of our partnership with the Prairie Heart Institute and will continue to expand services as needed to allow area residents to have the advanced heart care services they need close to home.”

With this expansion, HSHS Holy Family will now be a “Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois at HSHS Holy Family Hospital,” reflecting the stronger partnership between Holy Family and Prairie Heart to provide advanced cardiovascular care to the region. The following questions and answers will help explain exactly what Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois (PHII) at Holy Family Hospital means to the means to the community of Greenville.
Question: What is Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois (PHII)?
Answer: Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois (PHII) is a community-based network of hospitals that offer cardiovascular clinics staffed by Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, a group of cardiologists. The network hospitals of PHII offer the highest level of cardiovascular care possible in their communities. When more specialized care is needed, the Prairie Heart and Vascular Institute at HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Belleville (soon to be O'Fallon) or the Prairie Heart Institute at HSHS St. John's Hospital in Springfield are always ready to deliver that care, whether emergent or elective.
By working together, Holy Family and PHII can develop and implement unique clinical programs benefiting the residents and physicians within each community. PHII has partnered with Holy Family because they have made the commitment to work together and do all they can to ensure the highest level of cardiovascular care is available in rural communities. Together, the network hospitals and PHII can make an already good cardiovascular program great.
Q: Prairie Cardiovascular cardiologists already see patients at HSHS Holy Family Hospital. How does a partnership with PHII change that relationship?
A: Over the past several years, 42 hospitals in 40 different communities have been offering their patients access to Prairie cardiologists. Holy Family’s partnership with PHII evolves this relationship by providing opportunities to raise the level of locally provided heart and vascular care even higher. Those opportunities include, but are not limited to the implementation of procedures and protocols intended to standardize the approach to care, as well as programs such as Stat Heart.
Q: How does partnering with PHII change the cardiac care Holy Family’s patients receive?
A: The goal of the partnership is to provide the highest level of cardiovascular care possible at PHII network hospitals. This in turn allows patients access to some of the most experienced cardiologists in the region, without leaving their community. They are able to receive access to treatments and therapies that have not been available to them before. Should they need further treatment than what is available locally, they will have immediate access to Prairie Heart in Belleville/O'Fallon or Springfield.
Holy Family is able to collaborate with over 70 board-certified, nationally known cardiologists, and will be able to do so quickly and conveniently with the use of computerized network connections that allow rapid sharing of information. The partnership also provides access to advanced treatments and drugs not accessible before via ongoing clinical research trials. At an operational level, evidence-based clinical protocols, best practices, patient care quality and safety assurance programs will be implemented to ensure a consistent approach to care is being provided to all patients.

Q: Will patients have to travel outside their hometown to receive cardiac care?
A: One of PHII’s goals is to ensure that as much care as possible is provided locally. If a patient’s condition requires more specialized care, they will be referred to Prairie Heart in Belleville/O'Fallon or Springfield. Once discharged from one of our Prairie Heart locations, patients can continue to receive their heart and vascular care in their home community.
Q: How do patients find a PHII physician in their community?
A: Greenville is blessed to have Prairie cardiologists Dr. Robert Trask, Dr. Scott Marrus, Dr. Shailesh Nandish and Dr. Himanshu Pathak along with Jennifer Black, Nurse Practitioner, available several days a week to see patients at Holy Family.
In other communities, patients can visit the PHII web site, thedocotorsofprairie.com to find a list of hospitals/communities and the Prairie cardiologists who see patients there. If they have questions or would like to arrange to see a Prairie cardiologist, they can call PHII at
Holy Family at 217-757-6120.
For more information about PHII, visit their web site at prairiefirst.com.

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