Many times people choose to go to a larger, metropolitan hospital for health care services with the impression that they can get higher quality care at a large institution. But Gary McKee of Hazelwood, Mo., made the opposite choice for his total hip replacement by choosing HSHS Holy Family Hospital and he would make the choice again, due to the advanced surgical treatment and compassionate care he received from his surgeon and the Holy Family hospital staff.

The line cook and retired firefighter knew he needed to see an orthopedic specialist for the hip issues he was experiencing. He shared, “About two years ago, I got to the point where if I got down, I couldn’t get up off the ground.  I literally had to grab onto things to pull myself up; I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t take it anymore – I wanted to get it fixed.”

When trying to find an orthopedic surgeon, a friend recommended he contact Dr. Kevin Koth, orthopedic surgeon at HSHS Holy Family Hospital.  After reviewing Dr. Koth’s website, McKee went with his “gut feeling” and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Koth.  After meeting with Dr. Koth at his clinic in Greenville, he was impressed by his manner of explaining clearly what his options were and what approach he would take. “He told me everything he was going to do, what parts he would be using, and I liked it. So, I said, ‘let’s do it’.”

Dr. Kevin Koth shared his style in talking with his patients. “I want to make sure they understand what's going on with their situation, what their options are and what we can do to help,” he said. “My job is to educate people who come to me on what we can do to make them better, whether that is surgery or another approach. But regardless, the goal of my clinic and Holy Family Hospital is to treat you like our own family.”

Dr. Koth does a special minimally invasive surgical approach with his total hip replacements, called the direct superior approach, which is a muscle and bone sparing procedure. As Dr. Koth explained, “It allows for a much quicker return to work and play with reduced pain and less need for narcotics.”

McKee had his right total hip replacement at Holy Family on June 23 and was up and walking the next morning. That afternoon, he was able to go home, just one day after his surgery. 

While the surgery was a big success, McKee is glad he chose HSHS Holy Family Hospital for another reason – the exceptionally personalized care he received. He has used larger St. Louis hospitals for other surgeries in the past and having experienced Holy Family’s care, he sees a distinct difference. 

“The difference between them and Holy Family is, if I pushed the nurse button, they walked right in the door – they were so responsive.  It was VIP treatment throughout – from the first call to schedule my surgery, to the post-operative care and physical rehab to get me up and moving, to when they were wheeling me out to leave, to the follow-up calls afterwards – it was all great,” he said. “The nurses and therapists went above and beyond – all very professional and caring.”

McKee continues to improve on his right hip and strengthening his thigh muscles, but once he gets “up and running good” on his hip, he will get the other one replaced, and he will return to Holy Family Hospital to get it done. “After the great VIP care I got, why would I go anywhere else?”

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Photo Caption: Gary McKee of Hazelwood, Missouri is glad he chose HSHS Holy Family Hospital for his hip replacement surgery due to the advanced surgical treatment and compassionate care he received from his surgeon and the Holy Family Hospital staff.

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