Early Detection

Early detection is the best way to protect against breast cancer. That’s why at HSHS Holy Family Hospital is transforming breast cancer screening and detection with mammography and a focus on your comfort. 

Instead of reviewing the breast tissue in a single, flat image, this tool folds together a series of images to create a 3D view, allowing doctors to see the tiniest details and find cancer in its earliest stages. 

Treatment Options

For those who are in need of a diagnostic mammogram, our digital mammography technology is highly reliable to help radiologists and your doctor evaluate symptoms of breast disease including the assessment of a lump, nipple discharge, breast pain, dimpling of the skin on the breast or retraction of the nipple.

Using the latest technology and modern facilities, our trained oncologists, surgeons and staff members provide comprehensive and compassionate cancer care.

Mammography Quick Tips

  • Do not wear deodorant, lotions or perfumes on the day of your mammogram.
  • Plan to wear a two piece outfit – you will only need to remove all articles of clothing from the waist up
  • Prepare to schedule your mammogram appointment for the week following your period. This will reduce the likelihood of inflammation and breast tenderness