Many longtime names make a comeback

A name says something about a person – noble, kind, charitable, or is simply derived from another name or family history. Below are the top five baby boy and baby girl names at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital in 2020. 


  1. Jack  
  2. Oliver
  3. Benjamin
  4. Wyatt
  5. Wesley


  1. Eliza  
  2. Madeline
  3. Ava
  4. Lucy
  5. Isabella

Women and Infants Center Director, Maria Green says she looks forward to this list every December.  
“It’s so much fun to see what people are choosing each year and how much the names change,” she said. “Some years people are very creative and want a unique name for their baby and other years, like 2020, parents chose to bring back some of the popular, more common names.”  
2020 was also a year for a high number of twins, with 10 sets born at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital.  
Between January 1 and December 29, 688 babies were born in 2020 as compared with 548 babies during the same timeframe the previous year. 

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