List of Patient Rights


Provision of Information

You have the responsibility to provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about the present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and other matters relating to your health. You are responsible for reporting whether you clearly understand a course of treatment and to request additional information for clarification.

Compliance Instructions

You are responsible for following the treatment plan recommended by the practitioner primarily responsible for your care. This may include following instructions or keeping appointments and notifying the responsible practitioner or the hospital if you are unable to do so. You are responsible for informing your physician and other care givers if you anticipate problems in following you prescribed treatment.

Pain Management

As a patient, we expect that you will ask your doctor or nurse what to expect regarding pain and pain management, discuss pain relief options with your doctor or nurse, work with your doctor and nurse to develop a pain management plan, ask for pain relief when pain first begins, help your doctor or nurse measure your pain and tell the doctor or nurse if your pain is not relieved.

Refusal of Treatment

You are responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow the practitioner's instructions.

Payment of Charges


You are responsible for providing necessary information for insurance claims and for working with the hospital to make payment arrangements, when necessary.

Hospital Rules and Regulations

You are responsible for following hospital rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct, including the "No Smoking" policy.

Advance Directives

You are responsible for insuring that the hospital has a copy of your written advance directive, if you have one. You are responsible for informing your physician and other caregivers if you have made changes to your advance directive. To view these documents and additional resources, visit our Advance Directives page.

Respect and Consideration

You are responsible for being considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel for assisting in the control of noise. You are responsible for being respectful of the property of other persons and of the hospital and for following hospital policy regarding number of visitors

Children's Rights

HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital recognizes that all patients have rights and responsibilities. Our pediatric patients have unique and special rights.

  • Children will not be subjected to any medical treatment without prior consent from a parent or legal guardian. The only exception to this is in the event of an emergency. In a life-threatening situation, treatment would begin immediately.

  • Children have the unique right to have their legal guardian serve as their advocate.

  • Children have the right during hospitalization to socialization appropriate to their age and medical condition.

  • Children have the right to continue their educational endeavors while hospitalized.

For More Information


You have the right to voice your questions and concerns about your stay or care. You may do this without fear that it will compromise your care or future access to our services. If you have questions or feel that your rights have been violated, we would ask that you make your concerns known through the following process:

  • You are encouraged to discuss any aspect of your treatment with your physician, nurse, therapist or counselor.

  • If you do not feel that your questions or concerns have been resolved, we encourage you to contact the unitsupervisor or manager.

  • If you would like to discuss your questions or concerns even further, we encourage you to contact the patient advocate,

  • 715-717-1435, or the Hospital Administrator, 715-717-7200.

If you feel your concerns were not resolved by HSHS Sacred Hospital to your satisfaction, you can file a complaint or grievance with an outside agency. You may contact: Bureau of Quality Assurance, 610 Gibson Street, Eau Claire, WI 54701, 715-836-4752 or the Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring, 1-800-994-6610

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