Our inpatient program is designed for the patient who is hospitalized. As soon as he/she is in stable condition, inpatient cardiac rehabilitation may be started. The goal of the inpatient program is to prevent weakness and complications caused from prolonged bed rest, promote independence and self-esteem, and develop responsible decision making regarding heart health. Upon discharge a referral into the outpatient program may be recommended.



Your physician will determine when the outpatient program is right for you, and at that time submit a referral. Sessions usually begin 10 to 14 days after discharge from the hospital and are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for up to 12 weeks. Education sessions are held Wednesdays. These sessions cover topics regarding nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, stress/relaxation, medications, signs and symptoms, and diabetic screening. During the monitored exercise sessions our team will provide the encouragement and education needed to return to a heart healthy lifestyle.

Maintenance and wellness


Once an individual has successfully completed the outpatient cardiac rehab program, maintenance sessions are recommended. These sessions are not covered by insurance and are paid out of pocket by the participant. The goal is to encourage healthy living and the program is tailored to the needs of the participant. A referral from your physician is required and there is a fee for the program.