Where should I come if I’m having a radiology procedure performed?


Check in at our radiology department, located on the east end of the hospital. As a convenience to you, the department has its own patient parking lot. There is a canopy over the entrance.

Can I eat before or after my exam?

All exams have different dietary criterion. When you schedule the appointment and receive your reminder call, you will be notified as to what you can and cannot eat.

I am claustrophobic, and my doctor has ordered an MRI. What do I do?


Inform your physician, and let the scheduler know when you are scheduling your MRI. We want you to have an exceptional visit when you come to Sacred Heart Hospital. We have nurses on staff who will administer sedation, if necessary.

How long will my exam take?


When you call to arrange your exam, the scheduler will give you an estimated duration of the procedure.

I need multiple X-rays. Is this harmful to me?

No. The general population is subjected to more environmental radiation than is received through diagnostic exams. Sacred Heart Hospital adheres to strict federal guidelines on patient exposure.

How long will it take to get the results?

Your doctor’s office will get a report in 24 to 48 hours. However, the ordering physician can call and speak with a radiologist immediately.

Why do I have to get poked with a needle for pictures?


There are usually two reasons for this. One is to draw blood. This allows us to see how your kidneys are functioning, which is important when receiving contrast, a substance used to help improve the visualization of internal body structures. The second reason for a needle stick is to start an IV to administer drugs or contrast. The IV is removed as soon as the exam is completed.