We perform more than 500,000 tests each year, including comprehensive services in:
  • chemistry
  • coagulation
  • hematology
  • immunology
  • microbiology
  • pathology
  • transfusion
  • urinalysis

Helping the region

We are the first in the region to offer advanced on-site lab tests to detect the DNA in MRSA, a bacterium responsible for several kinds of dangerous infections.

The Clinical Laboratory Science Program at Sacred Heart


What is the Clinical Lab Science Program?

This is a clinical practicum lasting nine months that’s completed at Sacred Heart Hospital through an affiliated university baccalaureate degree program in Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science. Sacred Heart Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory Science Program accepts four students annually for the clinical practicum.
  • The practicum provides professional education by laboratory professionals and physicians, including didactic and clinical laboratory experiences.
  • It seeks to instill students with professional attitudes, leadership skills, technical expertise and a dedication to the field of Clinical Laboratory Science.
  • The program begins the first week in September and continues through the end of May