The registered dietitian (RD) is an important member of the bariatric team. The role of the dietitian is to provide nutrition education, counseling and support to guide patients through healthy lifelong changes.

Certified exercise professional


A member of the hospital’s Rehabilitation Services team will create a personalized exercise plan with different types of movements with correct body mechanics. This exercise plan will be used before and after surgery.



After surgery, you may need to change the way you take your medications. To help with this, one of our pharmacists will meet with you prior to surgery to answer questions and give you recommendations and guidelines to follow.

Spiritual Services


The weight loss journey is a significant lifestyle change that affects the body, mind and spirit. Our chaplains are available, upon request.

Bariatric Program Coordinator


The Medical and Surgical Weight Loss Clinic program coordinator at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital assists in the patient’s journey by answering questions about insurance coverage and hospital stay, and ensuring the educational components of the pre-surgery and post-surgery are completed.