The da Vinci® Robot 


Our talented urologists have perform hundreds of minimally invasive surgeries using the da Vinci® robot—including the first robot-assisted prostatectomy in our region in 2006.


For Kidney Stones: Less invasive treatments


Many new techniques and treatments at Sacred Heart Hospital have nearly eliminated the need to surgically remove kidney stones, which has meant much faster patient recoveries. 




This is a nonsurgical and noninvasive medical procedure that uses high energy shock waves to break up stones that form in the kidney, bladder, ureters or gallbladder. 

Laparoscopic Surgery 


This surgery is performed through very small incisions, allowing the surgeon to work using a small video camera and specialized instruments. 

Percutaneous Nephrolithtomy (PNL) 


This is a treatment, performed under general anesthesia, to fragment and remove large stones located in the kidney.



A lighted medical instrument is used for diagnostic examinations and surgical procedures.



General anesthesia is used and a very small fiber-optic instrument is used to visualize and remove stones in the ureter or kidney.



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