The da Vinci® Robot 


Our talented urologists have performed more than 1,600 minimally invasive surgeries using the da Vinci robot- including the first robotic assisted prostatectomy in our region in 2006. Our urologists regularly use the robot to perform surgeries to treat prostate cancer, kidney cancer, pelvic prolapse and for ureteropelvic junction obstruction of the kidney.

For Kidney Stones


Our urologists regularly treat patients suffering from kidney stones by Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL), ureteroscopy, and percutaneous nephrostolithotomy. These treatments result in quicker return to everyday life for our patients suffering from kidney stones. 




ESWL is a remarkable technology using shockwaves focused on stones from outside of the body to break the stones into small pieces that can pass through the urinary tract.



Ureteroscopy involves passing small telescopes into the urinary tract to locate and remove stones. 

Percutaneous Nephrolithtomy (PNL) 


Percutaneous Nephrostolithotomy (PNL) is used for large stones in the kidneys and involves accessing these stones through the back with a tube placed directly into the kidney. 

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) Treatments


Our urologists offer a variety of treatment options for men suffering from BPH when medications and conservative options are not effective. These treatments include Greenlight laser ablation of the prostate, Urolift prostatic urethral lift, transurethral resection of the prostate and simple prostatectomy. 

Urinary Incontinence treatments


Urinary incontinence adversely affects quality of life. At times, procedures can help with treatment. Our urologists use surgically placed slings, nerve stimulator implants and Botox injections for patients who have not had success with more conservative treatments. 

Urologic cancer surgery


Our urologists regularly treat bladder, kidney, prostate, and testicular cancers at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital. If you have been diagnoses with one of these cancers and are interested in treatment at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, contact Western Wisconsin Urology for a consultation.