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Baby Friendly USA awarded the certification after a rigorous on-site survey.

OB/GYNs feel the love delivering babies at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital


Dr. Barrette, an OB/GYN who delivers babies at Sacred Heart Hospital, describes the love a mother feels for her newborn and why delivering at Sacred Heart is special. Learn more at

Delivering your baby at a hospital that feels like home


Jenna toured several places before delivering her baby. “Sacred Heart felt like home,” says Jenna. Find out what makes HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital so special for moms and babies at

New birth suites let you choose everything including water birth


Two of the new spa-like birthing suites at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital have beautiful water birth tubs. See them and learn about new options that let you choose everything at

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Innovative Neonatal Care

Should your baby need special care, HSHS Sacred Heart is proud to provide parents with doctors and nurses that are specially trained to care for babies born too early, as well as babies born with a serious illness. Nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation specialists, pharmacists and dietitians all work together on the unit to provide your baby the best care. 

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Our team will support you every step of the way should you need additional imaging, treatment or surgery.