Breast Pumps & Equipment


Hospital-grade breast pump units are available for rent from HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital. Education will be offered to anyone wishing to pump. To rent or purchase breast pump supplies, call 715-717-4156.

Resources for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Classes

Free classes are offered monthly for those planning to breastfeed or who are undecided. Classes are taught by a lactation specialist and cover the benefits of breastfeeding, common challenges and techniques for success. To register online for classes, click HERE.

Inpatient Visits

Women and Infants Center staff are specially trained to assist with breastfeeding. During your hospital stay, you will be offered a visit by a certified lactation counselor, consultant or other qualified staff member who will answer questions you may have.

Breastfeeding Support Group


After leaving the hospital, moms may need additional assistance in breastfeeding. A free support group is offered weekly at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital for all moms who wish to learn new ideas, share experiences and gain confidence in breastfeeding. Led by a lactation specialist, topics include:

  • infant feeding cues
  • latching
  • milk supply
  • weight gain in babies
  • nutrition
  • sore breasts
  • pumping and storage of milk
  • breastfeeding an adopted baby or twins

Participants have the opportunity to discuss concerns, build camaraderie and receive education and support in a relaxed environment. Babies are encouraged to attend. Support people are welcome. For more information and to register, click HERE.