Arrival Day


When you arrive

When you arrive at the Women and Infants Center, we will begin monitoring you and your baby closely. Our advanced wireless technology allows you to be up and about during labor. So we encourage you to walk the halls, listen to music, use an exercise ball or birthing hammock, sit in a tub, or engage in any activity that calms, relaxes and comforts you.

Your birthing suite

We now offer the convenience and comfort of all-in-one birthing suites, where labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care take place in one, spacious room. This means you - and baby - will stay in the same room for your entire stay.

Each room features overnight in-room accommodations for partners, birthing beds that adjust for comfort, blanket warmers for mom and baby, patient controlled lights and temperature, a surround sound speaker system and large bathroom with a private shower and newborn bathing sink.

Mothers also have the choice of a hydrotherapy tub for pain relief and delivery, aromatherapy to promote relaxation, and a birthing hammock to enhance comfort, positioning and mobility during labor.

While You are With Us


We will care for you, while we prepare you to take care of your new baby. Every nurse in our Women and Infants Center is cross-trained in the specialties of labor and delivery, mother-baby care, Level II special care nursing and cesarean-section recovery. They are here to offer you the best care and answer any questions you have about your care or the care of your newborn. Lactation consultants are also on hand to help with any nursing questions or concerns you may have.

Caring for you and baby

We offer mother-baby care, which means the same nurse who cares for you will provide care for your baby as well.

Comfort, quiet and rest

We encourage you to keep your newborn with you at all times so that you can familiarize yourself with your newborn's feeding cues.

Cherishing the moments

All our assessments are conducted right in your room so you can maximize this special time together. Everything we need to do will be performed right in front of you. (If specialized care is needed, we may move your baby to our Level II nursery.)

About Your Exciting Day


A celebration

This is a joyous occasion for your family and we want to help you celebrate. To celebrate each new life here at Sacred Heart Hospital, Brahms’ “Lullaby” is played over the hospital’s loudspeaker system, a tradition that dates back many years. We also enjoy helping you welcome your newborn by providing you and your partner with a special celebratory meal. And we like to give your baby a good start with their own special gift. 


You may have visitors as you desire. For safety and privacy reasons, we ask that visitors not linger in the hallways. If visitors are not in your room, we ask that they use the lounge. After you deliver, your visitors may come anytime. Mention to prospective visitors that anyone with a cold, cold sore, flu or other contagious illness will not be allowed to visit you or your baby.

Excellent outcomes

Although every pregnancy and patient is unique, our total cesarean section rate is consistently below national norms. This is a measure that reflects our medical staff and midwives’ careful management of labor and risk factor considerations. STABLE instructors have taught our staff how to stabilize critical infants for transfer or to stay in our specialized Level II nursery. A neonatal resuscitation program is part of the training for our nurses, our staff and all doctors, anesthetists, and respiratory therapists at the hospital. Our nurses and staff also practice the most up-to-date and electronic fetal monitoring techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions


You probably have a million questions. Below is a list of those we are asked most frequently. We encourage you to call us at 715-717-4156 with any additional questions you may have now or as your due date gets closer.

Who can I call to determine if I’m in labor or when I should come in? 

Because we are not able to give medical advice over the phone, we ask you to contact your doctor or midwife.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend the following:

  • Cameras, chargers and extra batteries
  • Warm socks, slippers and a robe
  • Toiletries
  • Nursing bras
  • A copy of your birth plan
  • Lip balm
  • Snack for your coach
  • A call list and calling card (or cell phone and charger)
  • Birth announcements
  • A homecoming outfit for baby
  • An inspected infant car seat

Additional Questions


Where should I park?

Free parking is available in the main hospital lot.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Make arrangements for someone to take care of your pets, bring in the mail, pick up the newspaper and handle other household tasks while you are in the hospital.

  • Have your baby’s car seat inspected and installed before you come to the hospital.

  • Be aware that no latex balloons are allowed in the hospital.

  • Mention to prospective visitors that anyone with a cold, cold sore, flu or other contagious illness will not be allowed to visit you or your baby.