Hospital Auxiliary


If you enjoy serving others and being part of a team, then the St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary might be for you! The Auxiliary is a volunteer organization committed to promoting and advancing the welfare of St. Anthony’s through:

  • Public Relations

  • Services to the hospital

  • Fundraising

The Auxiliary was founded in 1956 by women who wanted to help the patients of St. Anthony’s. Since then, the Auxiliary has grown to a membership of over 260 men and women who serve in a variety of capacities. Membership is free of charge and open to all.

While volunteer service is not a requirement of membership, there are many volunteer opportunities available for those who want to provide service.



Information that a colleague or volunteer obtains or hears about the care and condition of patients is confidential. Any personal information about patients or their relatives is confidential as is information concerning salaries, personnel files, and other official records and reports. Such items should not be discussed with other colleagues or volunteers unless it is necessary in the performance of hospital duties. A colleague or volunteer should NEVER discuss such things outside the hospital.

Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information will result in disciplinary action.

Contact Information
Valerie Engelbart, Volunteer Coordinator

Benefits of Auxiliary Membership


As a member of the Auxiliary, you belong to the St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital team – a team of dedicated individuals committed to continuing the healing mission of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis that began over 130 years ago. Your role is just as important as the role played by every other member of that team.

Members of Auxiliary are part of an organization that serves under the auspices of St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital. The executive power of the Auxiliary is vested in an Executive Committee that conducts the affairs of the Auxiliary in accordance with Bylaws of the Auxiliary. All actions of the Auxiliary Executive Committee are subject to the approval of the Hospital’s Board of Directors or the Hospital Administrator.

The general membership of the Auxiliary meet at least once a year to conduct business and/or to elect and install new Executive Committee members. The meeting is often a luncheon meeting provided by the hospital for all members.

The second week of May is National Hospital Week, where various hospital team groups are honored for their service to the hospital. Auxiliary members are treated to an appreciation luncheon, where they receive awards for the hours of volunteer service they provided over the past year.

In addition to the National Hospital Week luncheon, Auxiliary members are welcome to attend appreciation events sponsored periodically throughout the year by the hospital for employees, Medical Staff and volunteers.

Contact Information
Alta Welker, Human Resources

Areas of Service


Auxiliary Volunteer Selection Form

Contact Information
Alta Welker, Human Resources