Marguerite Jackson Estate Endowment


An endowment has been established in honor of the HSHS St. Anthony's Auxiliary. Donated funds are invested with only the interest gained being spent to support the hospital's projects and programs.

Commitment to Progress


Contributions to "Commitment to Progress" are used to assist St. Anthony's in improving facilities or purchasing state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Financial Assistance


Financial Assistance is a part of St. Anthony's mission to provide health care to all people, regardless of ability to pay. Financial Assistance is not bad debt; it is truly the cost of providing health care to those who have the obligation and willingness to pay, but do not have the ability to pay.

Greatest Need


Contributions that are not specified for any certain program or service are used where the need is greatest at St. Anthony's.


Contact Information


Michael Wall, Director of Philanthropy