Who should attend the Bone & Joint Class?


St. Anthony’s encourages all patients who are scheduled for total joint replacement surgery to attend a Bone & Joint class. Patients are encouraged to bring along a family member or friend who will assist in their care after they return home.

How do I schedule a class?

You will be scheduled for a pre-operative class by your physician’s office once you are scheduled for your joint replacement surgery. You will be scheduled for the class one to two weeks prior to your surgery.

What happens during the Bone & Joint class?

Prior to attending the class, you will be contacted to register for your hospital admission. A nurse will contact you to obtain your personal health history.

On the day of the class, the instructors will review your surgical information, and provide you with various handouts and other educational materials. The nurse will update your medical history, medications, signing of consent forms, and review advance directives. Nurses will discuss what will happen before, during, and after your surgery.

Will I undergo any testing during the Bone & Joint class?


Yes. Staff will perform your preadmission testing on the day of the class, which could include necessary laboratory tests, EKG or x-ray exams.