Linda’s Story

May 25, 2020




While needing to be in the hospital to have surgery may not be on the top of many people’s list, for Linda, she was pleasantly surprised with her experience at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital.
Being from Lena, Wis., the common perception is that many need to travel to Green Bay to get their care. However, when Linda needed to have a hernia removed, she was able to have her surgery no more than 15 minutes away from her home.
“I was so pleased to be close to home,” recalls Linda. “Everyone taking care of me was on the same page.”
Comfort and confidence: a theme in Linda’s care.
“Surgery is surgery. But, what made the surgery a good surgery was the treatment of the staff,” said Linda. “Everyone who cared for me was very nice and very comforting.”
But for Linda, it wasn’t just about how well she was treated – it was about how well her family was treated.
“On the day of my surgery it was my daughter’s birthday,” said Linda. “She was sitting there and the staff brought her a stuffed animal to make her more comfortable.”
The kindness didn’t end there – Linda’s sister was there, too, and the staff cared for her as well.
“The staff asked my sister if they could get her anything to make her comfortable and even brought her a sandwich,” said Linda.
For Linda, beyond the great care she received, it was the little things – caring for her daughter and sister – that made this a great surgery.
“This was one of the best surgeries I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a lot of surgeries.”