EpicCare Link Site Level Agreement

Your organization is required to have an EpicCare Link Site Level Agreement with HSHS. Please click here to download the HSHS EpicCare Link Site Level Agreement.

Please Note:

  • Agreements must only be signed by a person having signature authority for your organization.

  • The “Participant” blank should be completed with your organization’s legal name.

  • Completed contracts should be returned to HSHS-EpicCareLinkAccess@hshs.org

  • If you are a Government, Third Party, or Payer please contact the EpicCare Link site level agreement contact listed below in the “Contact Us” section. 

  • Once contracts are fully signed by all parties you will be sent a copy for your records and more details on how to obtain access will be given.  This process can take 7-14 business days.

  • While you wait for the agreement to be signed please identify a designated “Site Administrator” for your organization.  The Site Administrator is usually an office manager level or above who will have the authority to add/remove users for your organization.

Contact Us

For password and EpicCare Link technical issues contact the HSHS Helpdesk:
(877) 403-4357 or EpicHelpDesk@hshs.org

For EpicCare Link site level agreement questions contact HSHS-EpicCareLinkAccess@hshs.org

Click Here to Access EpicCare Link