HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Outpatient Therapy is offering a running performance program to accurately assess and improve body movement and muscle activity. These screenings are administered by completing a series of movements while wearing advanced sensor technology and the use of dorsaVi™ Movement Suite, movement assessment software used to review information gathered from the sensors to provide insight on how to improve performance. 

The running performance program is conducted by a running experienced and dorsaVi™ trained physical therapist. It is designed to ensure you are running as efficient as possible to reduce the risk of injury and optimize your performance.

From beginner to advanced runners, this is targeted for all abilities. 

"We find that almost 50% of recreational runners get injured at some point. Running injuries are often caused by poor body mechanics, muscle overuse or even wearing the wrong type or mis-sized shoes,” said physical therapist Kristen Busch, PT, DPT, from St. Elizabeth’s Outpatient Therapy. Busch is one of two therapists on site trained to administer the dorsaVi™ Movement Suite running program.

Individuals in St. Elizabeth’s running performance program will go through an examination process that assesses strength, stability, flexibility and mobility specific to running. A thorough, objective gait analysis using the dorsaVi™ system is then performed. This system uses wireless sensors to provide a cutting-edge gait analysis, providing data that the eye alone cannot capture. Each runner is then educated on findings and instructed in a fitness regimen designed to address findings.

The program can provide information to understand how fatigue and external conditions affect an athlete’s running style or performance over long distances.

“We are excited to be able to offer these screenings to the community, said Tom Dibadj, director of St. Elizabeth’s Outpatient Therapy. “By utilizing these advanced tools, you will not only learn about improving performance, but avoiding injury as well. Injuries can have a long-lasting effect, and the dorsaVi™ equipment can provide the opportunity to correct a problem to reduce the chance of injury.” 

Those participating should plan on 2-4 sessions with a dorsiVi certified physical therapist. The first session will consist of the screening and will take approximately an hour and a half to complete. Follow up sessions will be for reviewing your results and adding exercises/techniques to improve your performance."

To schedule an appointment or learn more, call 618-624-3668. This program may be billed to insurance based on approval from individual plan or can be self-pay. 

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