(O’FALLON, IL) – HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital recently awarded Kimberly Beam, RN, of O’Fallon, IL, with the National DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Beam has served as a Registered Nurse at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for one and a half years, and currently works in Telemetry B Unit. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation's nationwide program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day.

The nomination was submitted by one of her patients who referred to Beam as “an angel on Earth who was sent to care and comfort the sick.” The nomination shared, “Kimberly has unlimited kindness, compassion, empathy and healing. She always had a smile, not just on her face, but from her heart… She is much more than an average nurse. She is a phenomenal nurse who deserves this honor now and always. We will always remember her love and kindness!”

Beam said, “Winning the DAISY Award is kind of shocking to me. I just take care of everyone the way I would want my family or me taken care of.”

A total of 12 dedicated nurses were recognized for receiving additional individual nominations this quarter. These colleagues include: Nicholas Datillo (Telemetry B), Erica Chamness (Emergency Department), Lindsey Greenfield (Intensive Care Unit), Kerrianne Tuttle (3MedSurg), Steve Lynn (3MedSurg), Rachael Glass (3Med Surg), Maria Sutherland (5MedSurg), Lorraine Stellyes (5MedSurg), Shannon Newingham (Telemetry B), Rochelle Holmes (HSHS Southern Illinois Division Float Pool), Amber Tanner (Cath Lab) and the Daisy Award winner Kimberly Beam (Telemetry B).

Additionally, just as a daisy cannot survive without a bee, nurses cannot survive without the outstanding teamwork provided by support colleagues. As such, Shirley Vogelaar, Environmental Services of the Intensive Care Unit received St. Elizabeth’s Being Extraordinary Everyday (BEE) Award. Vogelaar was nominated by her coworkers who said, Shirley always goes above and beyond while performing her daily duties. She always has a smile on her face and brightens our day… Her small acts of kindness have a way of creating a large amount of joy for each of us. It is obvious that Shirley has a huge heart and cares about others… I don’t think we know of anyone more deserving of the BEE Award!”

Vogelaar, of Caseyville, IL, has been working at St. Elizabeth’s for three years and shared she feels “very proud and so thankful” to be recognized. She added, “This feels so good. This is something I never dreamed would happen. I love the Intensive Care Unit department and I would do anything for them. It is truly an honor to receive this award.”

Additional colleagues recognized for BEE nominations include: Patricia Hefner (Certified Nurse Assistant in the Emergency Department), Rachel Johnson (Care Coordination), Lucas Cochran (Radiology), Laura McClure (Certified Nurse Assistant, 5MedSurg), Valerie Brooks (Surgical Services-OR), Wendy Pfaff (Respiratory Department), Miyoka Jackson (Certified Nurse Assistant, 3MedSurg), Amber Rackham (Certified Nurse Assistant, MedSurg), Brianna Brown (Certified Nurse Assistant, Telemetry A), Jade Griffin (Patient Experience) and Donna Baker (Patient Experience).

Distribution of the nationally-recognized DAISY Award and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital’s BEE Award have been made possible through funds provided by HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Foundation.

Nominations for future DAISY and BEE Awards at St. Elizabeth’s continue to be accepted. Patients and visitors are encouraged to share and submit their story of witnessing excellent and compassionate care from staff. The nomination forms can be downloaded at https://www.steliz.org/Patient-Guest/Recognize-a-Colleague.
Caption for DAISY Award photo: HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Chief Nursing Officer, Regina Peterson, awarded Kimberly Beam with the National DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

Caption for BEE Award photo: Shirley Vogelaar, Environmental Services colleague in the Intensive Care Unit, received HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital’s Being Extraordinary Everyday (BEE) Award for going above and beyond for patients and her colleagues.


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