Getting back to golf this spring can be an easier transition with the help of a golf-focused program that puts science behind your swing. HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Outpatient Therapy is reintroducing a program to help golfers improve their flexibility, power and strength. The program is also designed to help golfers get back on the course after an injury or surgery.

Torrey Welsch, PT, DPT, OCS, physical therapist and coordinator at St. Elizabeth’s McKendree Metro Rec Plex therapy clinic, received certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in order to conduct this distinct and detailed care plan. TPI certified golf experts, who are sponsored by the makers of Titleist golf balls and equipment, can quickly identify any physical restrictions that may be limiting a player’s performance. 

The Golf Performance Program at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s can offer a comprehensive health and wellness approach to local golfers, of any age and skill level, to achieve their goals. The program includes screenings, injury evaluation, rehabilitation and fitness programs centered around each specific player.

"We are excited at the opportunity to offer this comprehensive performance evaluation tailored to an individual’s swing technique and build a repeatable, efficient swing,” said Welsch. “TPI is the premier certification program in the country dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.”

TPI used over a decade of data, from players at all levels including, amateur and PGA tour professionals, to develop its own teaching program designed for professional golf instructors, medical practitioners and fitness trainers to help players achieve the most efficient golf swing.

Welsch noted, “This program can be a benefit to many players including golfers of all skill levels who want to improve their game and general fitness and total joint surgery patients or patients recovering from other injuries who want to return to golf.”

The general health benefits from golf are both physical and mental, including:

  • Building strength and endurance
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Improving balance, core stability and flexibility
  • Stress reduction

The Golf Performance Program is available at the McKendree Metro Rec Plex at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Outpatient Therapy clinic, located at 209 Rec Plex Drive in O’Fallon. For more information or an appointment, call 618-624-3668.

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