Vituity and HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital name St. Clare School  winners in Innovation Grant Art Contest.

Dr Andrew Mahtani, Regional Director of the Vituity Hospitalist Group of Southern Illinois, was awarded a Vituity Innovation Grant to sponsor a local art contest. The contest gave students the opportunity to Spread Positivity and Healing through Art. 

Vituity partnered with St. Clare Catholic School to submit artwork to the contest and the chosen winners will be displayed at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Vituity provides inpatient Hospitalist services as well as Emergency Medicine and Intensivist services for HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. 

St. Elizabeth’s encouraged all the staff to participate in choosing the first-place winner, second place winner and a runner up. The 1st place winner, Claire Riepe, won a gift basket and certificate, 2nd place and runner up, Elsa Ochoa and Carlli Kaufman respectively, received gift cards and certificates. All other submissions received were provided a certificate of participation.

In addition, Vituity presented the school with a $250 donation to support its art program. All winners’ artwork will be displayed in a designated area at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for all to enjoy. 

During these trying times within healthcare and the communities, it is important to spread love and hope to those who are ill.  

The Vituity Hospitalist providers and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital want those in the community to know that we are here to keep them safe, support them and take care of them or their loved ones. Hospitals are safe and maintain the highest standards of infection control during this pandemic. Please do not wait to seek medical attention when you or a loved one need it. 

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