Job Shadowing


1. Print and fill out the Observer / Job Shadow Agreement and Request Form  

2. Compile proof of all heath documents needed:

  • Proof of immunity to Rubella, Rubeola and Mumps, regardless of age.
  • Documented history of two MMR’s or documentation of positive Rubella, Rubeola and Mumps titre.
  • Proof of TB skin test done within the last 12 months with negative results.
  •  If TB skin test positive, documented report of a negative chest x ray must be on file. In addition, TB symptom survey must be on file and updated annually.
  • Proof of immunity to Varicella.
  • Documented history of two Varicella vaccines or positive Varicella titre or documented history (from a health care provider) of chicken pox or shingles.
  • Proof of influenza vaccination for the current influenza season for any observer who is in a HSHS facility for at least one day of their observational period between October 1 and March 31. 


3. Upload the job shadow form and health information documents using the form below.

4. Once all information is processed a representative from Human Resources will contact you to schedule a 30-minute orientation, plus a job shadow time.

Fill out the Application Below!

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