Group Rules

Breastfeeding Facebook Group Rules and Terms of Use

Group rules from the admins
1 Emergency Services This site is periodically monitored, but NOT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and emergency support is NOT available. Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if you are having an emergency.

2 Medical Advice Specific medical advice can only be provided by a physician. Breastfeeding Support Staff are not medical physicians. If you have specific questions, consult your personal physician.

3 Privacy and Security By its very nature, a social media site cannot be considered private or secure. You must take appropriate steps to protect your personal information on the Web and on any social media site.

4 Personal Health Information No one may use or disclose any member/patient identifiable information (except their own) of any kind on any social media without the expressed written permission of the member/patient.

5 Proprietary Information Group Members may not disclose any confidential/proprietary information including business and financial information or represent they are communicating on behalf of the program.

6 Removal of Content The Group reserves the right to delete user posts or content for reasons including confidential, conflicting content, personal information, inflammatory posts. Those who disregard will be blocked.

7 Copyright/Trademark Only post, upload or transmit content that you have copyrighted or have permission to post from the original source.

8 Self-Hosted Sites The views and opinions of individual Facebook group members do not represent the official views of the Breastfeeding Support Group at HSHS St. Francis Hospital.

9 Products/Endorsements We do not allow any posts that are considered endorsements of products or services. Additionally, users should not use this site to solicit contributions.