Private Rooms

Our rooms are equipped for labor, delivery and recovery - so you won't have to move once you've been admitted. The rooms also promote a family-centered setting with a comfortable rocker and recliner. C-sections and VBAC (vaginal delivery after Cesarean section) deliveries are also provided as situations require.

C-Section Suite

The maternity surgical suite is a spacious operating room is located within the Family Maternity Center on the fourth floor. The location and flexible layout improves function and safety of patient care. It allows for faster patient transit time from patient labor/delivery rooms to the OR suite. The room has an optimal design for patient safety, comfort and convenience.

From pregnancy and childbirth to breast feeding and post-partum care, our experienced staff creates a comfortable, caring environment for parents to bond with their newest family member. Lamaze, sibling and breast-feeding classes are available to new moms and their families.

Post-partum Care

Once the baby is here, he or she will remain in your room throughout the day. At night, the baby may stay in your room or return to the nursery. All babies are brought to their mother's room for feedings on demand. The nursery is available at all times if needed.

Specialized Care

We also work closely with the South-Central Illinois Perinatal Network in HSHS St. John's Children's Hospital. The Perinatal Center includes a team of Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine physicians who specialize in maternal-fetal medicine and neonatology. Maternal consultation is offered twice a month at St. Francis with a referral from your OB Provider.


Whether you are expecting your first child, or even your third, HSHS St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield has a class designed just for you.

  • Childbirth Class - By attending one of our childbirth classes, you’ll feel more prepared for your labor and delivery.

  • Sibling Class - To ensure that your children know what to expect when their little brother or sister comes along, we offer a sibling class.

To schedule a tour, sign up for a class or for more information, please call us at 217-324-8473.

Breastfeeding Help

Online Breastfeeding Support Group - HSHS St. Francis Hospital Family Maternity Center offers support and education to mothers through a Facebook support group. Those interested in joining this online group need to have a Facebook login and then search Facebook for "HSHS St. Francis Breastfeeding Support Group" and request to join.

The overall goal of the Facebook support group is to allow expecting and breastfeeding moms to support one another by sharing experiences and asking questions. Tips and tricks will be provided from hospital colleagues experienced in lactation consulting who will be facilitating the group.