Simulation Center

The St. John’s College Simulation Center uses patient manikins to provide students with hands-on experience to better prepare them for the routine and unexpected events they will encounter in the clinical environment. The simulation center is used in every course to allow students to learn, practice and enhance their skills in a safe, risk-free environment. 

Your support will help ensure the software and equipment for the patient manikins reflect the latest clinical teachings.

Student Scholarships and Endowments

With living expenses and education costs rising, scholarships are critical to help support students as they complete their nursing program. Through the generosity of donors, St. John’s College awards scholarships to as many students as possible to enable them to fulfill their dream of becoming a nurse.
Donors have many reasons for supporting the scholarship program.  Perhaps they are a graduate and wish to support others pursuing a nursing career, or establish an endowment in memory or in honor of a loved one or they simply recognize the need for skilled health care professionals. An investment in a St. John’s College student is one of the best investments you can make.