HSHS St. John’s Hospital is renewing its tradition of awarding Stork Pins in recognition of first responders who assist in the pre-hospital delivery of an infant. Today, three members of the Springfield Fire Department, Michael Flynn, Frank Morrell and Ben Mundstock, and two members of the Chatham Fire Department, Jeffery Bone and Kyle Enstrom were honored for their assistance with a healthy delivery on Father’s Day, June 19, 2022.

“Delivering a baby pre-hospital is a badge of honor for first responders,” said Tina Molohon, RN, TNS, TCCC, trauma coordinator, HSHS St. John’s Hospital. “We are so excited to once again offer the Stork Pin program to our region. Any first responder from any organization who delivers a baby pre-hospital that is then brought to St. John’s is eligible.” 

The baby delivered by the firemen honored today was Corbin Sarsany. Now nearly 2 months old, his mother and father say Corbin is a healthy and happy baby boy who enjoys spending time with his big sister. “I hate to think what would happen if it weren’t for the Springfield and Chatham Fire Departments,” said Sara Sarsany. “They were there just in time, and they did their job efficiently. We are so thankful to them and owe them everything.”

HSHS St. John’s Hospital provides emergency childbirth education to the emergency medical services (EMS) community free of charge. All five firefighters pinned today received their emergency childbirth education from St. John’s. 

“The emergency childbirth class focuses on complicated deliveries, managing the neonatal airway and the obstetrics patient,” said Bob Kayma, St. John’s EMS educator who helps teach the class with clinicians from St. John’s perinatal team. Kayma has also successfully delivered a pre-hospital baby. “We focus on clinical responses to keep mom and baby as safe as possible until they can be brought to a hospital.”

For more information on St. John’s EMS system and continuing education, visit https://www.hshs.org/StJohns/Services/Emergency-Care/EMS

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