Pediatric Rehabilitation


HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital has the region’s leading pediatric rehabilitation specialists who create custom therapy to ensure they reach their full potential.  From physical therapy to cognitive therapy, our team works with your child in our creative child-friendly environment located in the Women and Children’s Clinic.  

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Pediatric Heart


The pediatric cardiac specialists at the Women and Children’s Clinic care for patients with the most complex and serious heart conditions throughout their lifespans — from before birth, through childhood and into adulthood. We use the most comprehensive heart tests and treatments to deliver the highest quality care from fetal cardiology to pediatric interventional cardiology.


Pediatric Care


At the Women and Children’s Clinic the SIU Medicine Pediatrics team provide the region’s leading treatments for pediatric gastroenterology, neurology, infectious diseases, general pediatrics and developmental behavior medicine. It’s a specialty center within a specialty clinic designed specifically for your children.

Pediatric Imaging


The Diagnostic Imaging Services located at the Women and Children’s Clinic offers the highest quality image for your child in order to accurately find problems so solutions may be found to protect your child’s health.  Our Pediatric Echo EKG is the most advanced in the region to diagnose and monitor seizure disorders and identify causes of other problems, such as sleep disorders and changes in behavior.