Inpatient Program | Phase I Rehab

Cardiac Rehab begins while you are still in the hospital.  After your condition is stabilized, a registered nurse will meet with you in your room to provide information on your condition, risk factors, diet, stress, and exercise.  They will also assist with low level activity as you are able. These exercises help build strength and recondition muscles. 

Outpatient Program | Phase II Rehab

The second phase of rehabilitation begins after you are discharged from the hospital. Phase II meets 3 times a week for 36 sessions. These classes offer a balance of education and exercise. During each exercise session, your blood pressure, heart rate, heart rhythm, and physical response to exercise are monitored by registered nurses, exercise physiologists and exercise specialists. Staff create an individualized exercise prescription for each patient, designed to place a gradually increasing workload on your circulation to improve the function of your heart.

Education topics include risk factors, exercise METs, exercise prescription, decreasing sugar intake, stress management, low sodium eating, building a heart healthy plate, blood pressure, goal setting, portion distortion, sleep health, and medications.

Appointments with a registered dietician and a wellness coach are also available. Staff members also introduce you to ways to develop a home exercise program to prevent future heart problems.

Healthy Hearts | Phase 3 Maintenance Program

Healthy Hearts meets 2 times a week.

The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity to maintain or improve cardiovascular fitness, joint flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance through exercise.  You will learn about physical activity and other elements of a healthy lifestyle.  The atmosphere is casual and non-competitive. 

All activity is supervised by an exercise physiologist/specialist. Your medical history is reviewed so the appropriate exercise can be given to meet your fitness needs.  All exercise prescription follows recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine. Blood pressures, heart rate and rhythm can be monitored as necessary. 

This is a self pay program, monthly costs may be reimbursed to you by certain insurance companies.  We encourage you to contact your insurance company to check if you are eligible for reimbursement.

The resumption of Phase III and Stay Fit's previous class schedule will be subject to CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing.  For updates on the status of these programs please call 217-535-3990