TPI Certified

TherapyCare Golf Rehab and Performance Program is led by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI™) Certified physical therapists. This program will analyze a player's functional movement via physical screen and video analysis using the TPI™ Body Swing Connection™ philosophy. Our goal is to determine physical mobility impairments and faulty swing characteristics affecting the efficiency and consistency of an individual's golf swing. We will analyze range of motion, strength, balance and overall health to customize a plan to improve your capabilities.

Assessment may include

  • 16 point TPI™ Physical Assessment
  • Video analysis of golf swing
  • Custom treatment plan/drills 
  • Use of exercises and/or manual treatments during follow up visits

This is not a golf lesson or golf instruction.

For more information, pricing or to schedule an appointment call 217-814-8383. See Flyer

TherapyCare is Changing Lives

Darek Severs was in an automobile accident several years ago and is wheelchair bound. He and his wife, Jessica, are now trying to start a family. He's been working with the HSHS St. John's TherapyCare staff in Chatham so that he will be able to hold and care for their future children.